Young Voices 2024

Last week, Year 6 girls had the trip of a lifetime to perform in the Young Voices concert at the O2 in London. It was a cold start to the day, with the temperature down at -5 before setting off, but on arrival in Greenwich, the sun was shining as the girls gasped at the size of the arena they were about to perform in!


Through the rehearsal during the day and the concert in the evening, the girls sang their hearts out and danced away as part of a choir made up of 9000 children, supported by the incredible voice of Natalie Williams (of Incognito) and the inspirational Nandi Bushell. They also were able to enjoy performances from MC Grammar and the Urban Strides dance crew.
Staff and pupils arrived back shortly after 1am, with some very tired young performers who had a fantastic day, taking part in something they will never forget; one girl called it the best day of her life! Grateful thanks to the music department and staff who organised and accompanied the trip.
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