Ages 11-16


Choosing a Senior School for your daughter where she will flourish, both academically and pastorally, is a hugely important decision. In a highly competitive global workplace exam results count; it is critical that pupils achieve the best possible results at GCSE and A level if they are to attain fiercely sought after university places.

We are hugely proud of the exam successes of our Senior pupils. In 2014 Talbot Heath was, once again, the top performing school in Bournemouth and Poole with 73% of A level grades A*-B.

Such results are all the more impressive given the fact that the academic profile of our pupils is broad. ISI inspectors commented on the exceptional achievements of all pupils and praised the extremely positive learning environment.

A sense of purpose and a desire to give of one’s best pervades the whole Senior School. During adolescence pupils often find it challenging to focus on their studies but our pupils are motivated and positive throughout. They take pride in their learning and know that the small class sizes ensure the individual attention that allows them to flourish. The size of our Senior School is the key factor when looking at the success of our pupils in all fields. All our pupils are known and valued. They are not lost in a sea of faces – they matter.

That does not mean that our pupils do not have to face the pastoral issues that affect all young people at this crucial stage in their development. The outstanding pastoral care, however, ensures that pupils feel supported and nurtured. Our expert team of staff offer our pupils the very best in pastoral provision and we are recognized as a beacon of best practice by external agencies in the area.

Lessons finish at 3.45pm, allowing the pupils to develop their passions and interests outside of the school day. It is no surprise that over forty of our pupils perform at national level in sport, music and the performing arts. We offer them the flexibility to practise their skills within the school environment while developing them further outside.

Giving pupils and families the time to spend together in the evenings and on weekends ensures that young people develop the life skills and bonds that will be so important in later life.

Our broad curriculum reflects our holistic approach to education. Our diverse extra-curricular programme supports our aims to inspire, engage and educate at every stage.
Talbot Heath Senior School provides the perfect foundation for young people as they face the challenges of adulthood.