Religious Studies

Religious Studies is a subject for those who are interested in different religious beliefs, ethical issues, moral conundrums and philosophical enquiry.

In the RS department at Talbot Heath we aim to open your daughters’ eyes to the world around her, encouraging her awareness of different religious beliefs and developing independent learning skills. We offer a balanced curriculum as part of RP at Key Stage Three, which covers many of the major world religions including Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism, we also deliver a philosophy based unit to each age group to foster curiosity, discussion and broad thinking.

RS is offered at GCSE and A Level and goes well with humanities subjects and is a good preparation for a variety of careers, especially those which involve dealing with people, for example: Psychology, Law, Medicine, Journalism, Teaching. The subject is delivered by specialist teachers,

A key aim of the RS department is to encourage students to approach issues from a broader standpoint and assess a range of options before drawing their own conclusions. We encourage deep though, metacognition and higher level discussion which students can use across the curriculum and develop their ideas with good moral and philosophical grounding. Assessment takes place each half term through which students are encourage to go beyond themselves and think about the wider world and the impact of different beliefs and ideas on humanity.

The Unexamined life is not worth living