The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme

This week, ten students in Lower 5 took part in an Anti-bullying Ambassador Training Day hosted by Hayling College (Hayling Island).

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme raises awareness of bullying behaviour and supports schools and young people to tackle it across the UK and beyond. Their Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme has a strong peer-to-peer focus, with their facilitators giving young people the skills and confidence to become Ambassadors to tackle bullying in their schools long after the training has finished.

Lower 5 pupil Dani W, had this to say about the event: ‘We worked through and discussed an informative booklet over the course of the day, teaching us about the different types of bullying and how to tackle and prevent them. A key point we took away from the day was that bullies should be called ‘perpetrators’ and victims of bullying should be called ‘targets’ so neither feel like they are being condemned to a particular title. The course involved team building activities where we learned about the different ways to help others who open up to you about being a target of bullying; this was very informative. We are now qualified Anti-Bullying Ambassadors which means we can lead campaigns against bullying and help others who are struggling. Now we can also inform others of what we learned, to raise
awareness and gradually stamp out bullying.’

Thanks go to Mrs Karanja and Mrs McDonald for supporting and accompanying students to the event.

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