At Talbot Heath, we still have ‘joie de vivre’ and ‘va va voom’ in lockdown.

Who would have thought that weekend family activities might include tidying the kitchen cupboards or deciding whether to turn left or right when walking out of the house. As we approach our third month of winter lockdown and half term, we are having to reconsider our half term plans. Visiting granny or a weekend break in Wales will go out the window and need to be replaced. So, the challenge for us is to think creatively. 

This morning in assembly we showed a montage of wonderful items that have been made by our pupils in Food, Textiles and Design lessons while in lockdown. One of our Year 4 pupils ended her message to our Head of Design, Mr Morris, with the words ‘stay creative’ and this should be our prompt for the half term week. It is time to get sewing, painting, cooking and making.

Our plans for the virtual linguists’ dinner this year on Saturday 6th March, is a perfect opportunity. We are asking all members of the community to get involved and plan an evening of food and revelry at home which will be based on languages. Get those cookbooks out and plan your menus with your children. Design the table decorations and make a playlist of songs-parents who were around in the 1980s might enjoy the chance to educate their children about ‘ Rock me Amadeus’ or ‘Joe le taxi.’ We shall be doing a special ‘linguists’ dinner’ assembly on Friday 5th March which is not to be missed and we shall ask our community to send in photos of their meals to to demonstrate that, at TH, we still have ‘joie de vivre’ and ‘va va voom’ in lockdown. Costumes encouraged; I am sure that you all have some castanets or a beret in those cupboards somewhere – you can now tidy them with a real sense of purpose. 

Wishing you all a creative and imaginative half term.


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