Betsy Shares TH Tales from THe Heart

Thanks go Betsy V for her inspirational speech delivered to the school community for the Junior open day recently. Here is what she had to say:

“Today I’m talking about an experience that always brings a smile to my face – my time in Junior School. The reason for this is because my few years here were filled with  unforgettable memories such as being a part of the whole school production of Alice in Wonderland, making friendships that have still lasted to this day, exciting adventures and opportunities to explore a variety of sports, instruments and clubs. I truly believe that there’s no school offering more at a young age, than here at Talbot Heath. It really is a place where your daughter can explore her interests and find new passions.  

It wasn’t just about the extra curricular activities though. The fundamental knowledge and attitude to learning that gets built here, is incomparable to anywhere else and you take these skills with you for the rest of your life – I know I have. Standing here today I’m using the confidence skills I gained from performing in front of crowds in Junior School, I used the creativity skills that flourished in and out of the classroom to write this speech and I’m hopefully conveying charisma and passion as I speak today as we were taught to embrace these qualities in every task that we do. 

As I made the transition into Senior School, the skills and characteristics that I learnt in Juniors helped me feel confident in my learning. It also familiarised me with the  Senior School, so although it felt like a change starting at the Senior School, it didn’t feel like a huge, daunting jump. Of course, I was still a little nervous adjusting from being the oldest in the school to the youngest, but the confidence I had gained from being supported and encouraged in Junior School helped me to embrace the opportunity and make new friendships and dive into opportunities. 

Despite obvious differences such as a new curriculum and subjects, the Talbot Heath ethos is the same from whether you are in Kindergarten or in Year 13. Work hard and strive to be the best you can be. As well as this, the teachers in Junior and Senior School are truly passionate about what they do and want the best for every girl. As long as you’re willing  to put the work in and overcome challenges, the amount you can achieve, and the amount I have achieved here is beyond anything anyone could imagine. 

Junior school was truly a place of growth for me, both academically and personally. It’s  taught me the importance of perseverance, teamwork and embracing new challenges and  I truly believe I wouldn’t be standing here as Head Girl right now if I hadn’t of been lucky enough to build that foundation in Junior School and continue it when I joined Senior School. Both in Junior and Senior School it’s been a place where I feel safe, valued and encouraged to be the best version of myself.  

As I stand here, reflecting on the years,  I can’t help but feel grateful for the opportunities Talbot Heath have provided me. I know that TH will forever hold a special place in my heart, and that’s all down to the support and opportunities that I received both in Junior and Senior School. I can’t believe that I am approaching my last few weeks here but I know that if I embrace everything I  have learnt here both academically and personally, I, as well as any other girl attending  this school, has the best foundations going into the world to be able to flourish and  succeed in anything, and that’s all thanks to Talbot Heath.’


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