Bryanston Prep Pupils Experience the Romans at TH

Year 5 pupils from Bryanston Preparatory School visited Talbot Heath for a one of a kind Roman engineering lesson this week.

The lesson started by learning about famous Roman inventions and what incredible engineers they were. Pupils were then enlisted in the Talbot Heath 5th Legion and carried out drill and battle formations. They learned Latin commands for their marching and battle tactics, and discovered that life as a Roman legionnaire was not as easy as they thought. Trying to hold up a heavy scutum shield whilst not breaking ranks as part of the Testudo (tortoise) was a tiring activity!

Once they understood how to defend themselves, they put it into practice as students learned how to operate our custom-made TH onager catapult and then defend themselves against it.

All pupils made a model of a scutum shield in order to understand how laminating works.

Mr Morris who led the interdisciplinary lesson said: ‘It was great to be able to host pupils from Bryanston who really enjoyed their time with us. They were very brave in the face of battle!’

Thanks go to Mr Morris and Mr Dobree-Carey for organising and supporting the event.  

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