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Forward thinking, active learning

This week I joined Year 2 on a very exciting trip around the world! We all boarded a plane, fastened our seat belts, taxied down the runway and took off.

Mrs Worsley and Mrs Diment, the cabin crew, checked passports and boarding cards and we visited London, Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef, learning about landscapes, animals and famous landmarks.Throughout this lesson the girls were totally enthralled; there was a tangible sense of anticipation and excitement and the girls were certainly learning all about our beautiful world.

This fabulous lesson exemplifies our forward thinking curriculum and committed approach to active learning. Year 2 were in the Hub, using the interactive floor, wall, screen and VR headsets. The technology we have available to our pupils really brings their learning alive. The creativity and sense of fun shown by the staff made the lesson an outstanding learning experience.

As I sat at the back of the cabin, nibbling on my complimentary popcorn, I was aware of how fantastic it is that at TH we offer all our pupils the amazing opportunities and positive possibilities that technology can bring. Our pupils are certainly very fortunate to have these fantastic facilities and such dedicated staff, who routinely go above and beyond, to create engaging, inspiring, high quality lessons for the benefit of every pupil across every year group in every subject.

To finish I’d like to share this very positive review received by ‘TH Airlines’ from a satisfied customer…

“Thank you, xxxx loved her experience today, she said she loved every minute of it, travelling through London, Antarctica, the Red Forest and coral reefs. She thought all the teachers looked great as Pilots. Thanks to the team for creating such an amazing experience for the girls especially as we have not been able to travel. She said it was the best day! Oops I forgot to say she loved loved the popcorn treat!”

Thank you for flying TH airlines


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