Out in the Field: Lower 6 Geographers’ NEA Work

On Thursday 6th and Friday 7th of June, the Lower 6 Geographers ventured out for two jammed packed days of data collection for their non-examined assessment (NEA). Here at Talbot Heath students are able to pick their own unique title based on aspects of the course they have particularly enjoyed. This year’s titles ranged from ‘To what extent does sport influence Kings Park’s identity?’ to ‘How do humans impact the land and sea at Studland Bay?’ Such varied titles created a non-stop itinerary as the group helped each other collect their data.
Day one took them to Wimborne, Kings Park, Highcliffe beach and Naish Farm beach. Each student was in charge of their own data collection, instructing the rest of the group on what methods to use, what sampling system to follow and providing data recording sheets. From home-town/clone-town surveys to questionnaires and beach profiles the students were in their element, working hard for each other to get the job done. The day finished with an ice-cream looking out over The Needles whilst data was exchanged between group members.
Friday required students to split into two separate groups: in the morning one group set off to Boscombe, looking at the location’s sense of place and evaluating the success of the regeneration of the area; the second group ventured to Bournemouth sea front to quantify the success of the beach management and decide if the cost of the recent groyne replacement is justified. After a hot chocolate break it was off to Sandbanks and Studland. From land use surveys, to scrambling over the gorse looking at the impact humans have on the dune system, the Lower 6 were once more impressive in their teamwork. They grew in confidence – delegating tasks, working collaboratively and using ArcGIS technology to help them record their data. ]ArcGIS in an online cloud-based mapping and analysis solution used to make maps, analyse data, and to share and collaborate.]
Exhausted having completed a staggering 30,000 steps over the two days, they staggered onto the minibus and headed back to school ready to start the NEA write up.
The Geography department would like to thank Nick for driving them around to each of the different locations, and Matt from Leeson House for his expertise and advice on collecting the best possible data. Thanks also go to the Geography department for organising another enjoyably educational excursion.
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