Swimming Academy Lunchtime Workshops

On Monday 11th March, the Talbot Heath Swimming Pathway competitive squads enjoyed a practical workshop by Jack and Emma from Good Things Coming Strength and Conditioning company, who have been working with our regional and national swimmers over the past 3 years. 
The workshop was on self-management and improving functional movement.  Emma and Jack took athletes through a process of how to check their body, joints and muscles daily, which athletes may perform on the poolside before training or competing, then looked at various tools and activities that could be performed to improve movement and reduce soreness.
With the Head of Swimming Barry Alldrick, and Emma and Jack all working together, they further went through a range of muscle activation exercises required for technique in swimming.
This was part of the Swimming Academy’s lunchtime series, and was followed by another workshop this week, led by TH’s current Head Girl, Betsy V…
The Talbot Heath Competitive Swimmers also attended a talk by Sixth Former, Head Girl and National Swimmer Betsy Vavasour, titled: Period Power and Swimming Performance. This is an area Betsy has studied well over the years, working with her coach, Barry, on strategies to embrace training and competing around the menstruation cycle. Betsy talked about the menstruation cycle itself, hormones, and positive ways to think about the cycle, with lots of tips on tracking, practical management, nutritional advice and mindset advice.
Thanks go to all of the speakers and organisers for their valuable time and input.
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