TH – Learning at the Core

Firm Foundations – 

Talbot Heath, founded in 1886, provides a ‘first class education for girls aged 3-18’. Our knowledgeable, dedicated, caring practitioners understand the importance of enabling our pupils to reach early educational goals and acquire the necessary skills of motivation, independence and resilience to ensure every pupil has the best possible start to her educational journey.  We believe in fostering high inspirational academic expectations in order to to maximise girls’ potential and to equip them with solid academic foundations upon which they can discover and develop their learning. 

 Curriculum Content – 

Not only does our varied curriculum offer sessions in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, we also offer PE (including swimming), Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Art, Design, Drama and Forest School in our beautiful woodlands, providing rich opportunities for our children to be inspired through exploration, experiment and experience. Of equal importance is our curriculum of ‘character’: we positively encourage a caring, cooperative and supportive attitude, actively promote a healthy positive growth mindset, foster collaborative relationships and friendships and facilitate opportunities to take on roles of responsibility and  leadership.   

Think Through – 

When choosing a school for your daughter, it is essential to recognize the numerous advantages associated with a “through school” model. One of the primary benefits lies in the seamless educational journey it offers, allowing pupils to progress seamlessly from Kindergarten through to Sixth Form. This continuity fosters a sense of familiarity, stability, and a supportive environment for learners, as they remain within the same educational community throughout their formative years. As a through school from 3-18, we implement a consistent educational philosophy and ethos, ensuring a cohesive approach to teaching and learning. This continuity not only facilitates smoother transitions between academic stages but also enables us to have a holistic understanding of each pupil’s academic strengths, weaknesses, and personal development, leading to more personalised and effective guidance.


Values and Vision

Our school motto, ‘Honour before Honours’ encapsulates the ethos that lies at the core of everything we do. We value truth and integrity, foster a courage of spirit and mind and always treat others as we would wish to be treated. Talbot Heath preserves and celebrates its traditional values, whilst having the vision to forge ahead with a spirit of adventure, a willingness to innovate and the commitment to give your daughter the very best for her future.




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