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TH will always be here, delivering the very best for your daughter.

This blog is one I have been longing to write for many weeks! 
At last, we will all be back together in school from today. 
I know that all the teachers are really relieved and excited to be coming back to their classes and seeing your daughters in real life once again! 
I want to thank each and every one of them for the dedication, commitment and
Positivity they have shown in planning and delivering high quality, inspiring lessons and giving fulsome, encouraging feedback to each piece of work. Despite juggling the demands from their own families, supervising key workers and the hours of screen time, they have kept our school going. I would also like to particularly mention all of our fabulous Teaching Assistants who have worked throughout, supporting all the key worker children with their work, alleviating their anxieties and making each day special for those children who have been in school. A huge thank you must also go to Mrs Guest who has run the office and admin single handedly, made me endless cups of tea, and ensured I have eaten some lunch and made it home each day! 
Thank you to each of you who have clearly supported your daughters through these strange times. I know many of you have had to juggle so much and probably once more realised why you didn’t want to become a teacher! I especially want to thank the many of you who have sent in such positive messages of appreciation and support. Your words certainly kept me going through some dark times. When I become Head, just over two years ago, I never imagined I would be called upon to lead an online school through a national lockdown. However, I know I am extremely privileged to lead such a fantastic team of staff in delivering education to such amazing, creative pupils upheld by caring, supportive parents. 
As we gather on site again on Monday, we are well aware that every pupil will have different hopes and concerns, possibly feel relieved and excited to be back, or strange and uneasy being away from home for the first time in weeks or a strange mixture of both. Therefore, our approach will be calm and steady, caring and consistent, to ensure a smooth transition back to site. 
Whatever the months ahead have in store as we ease ourselves out of lockdown, please be assured TH will always be here, delivering the very best for your daughter. 
With warm and hopeful wishes.


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