The Great Talbot Heath Bake-Off 2023

Well done to the Upper 3 pupils who cooked their way through to this year’s Bake-Off Final.  Our eager batch of contestants sifted, stirred, creamed and piped, to prepare an impressive array of showstopping cupcakes for the perusal of the judging panel.  Such was the standard, that the decision went down to the last, delicious crumb.  Olivia S was crowned as our new TH Bake Off Champion for her coffee shop cupcakes, topped with skillfully modelled fondant treats.  In second place was Eliana E for her refreshing lemon and poppyseed, seaside cupcakes and in third place came Aggie M for cake-a-chino, presented in a white chocolate coffee cup complete with the TH logo. 

Thanks go to Joy Moran for organising the event and sharing her expertise and passion for cooking. Congratulations to everyone who took part, and keep baking!



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