Year 6 Take Part in D-Day Landings Interdisciplinary Lesson

Year 6 pupils recently took part in their much anticipated D-Day interdisciplinary day in the Hub. It was a full day’s activity starting with the girls learning about the D-Day invasion and how Dorset was so important to its success. Pupils looked at engineering and how this was used to create all manner of clever designs to allow the allied forces to mass such a large scale attack.
The girls then worked in groups to create their own 4 person landing craft using wood and plastic barrels. In the afternoon they had to use the rafts they had made in the swimming pool and take part in a series of challenges rowing one side to the other.
By the end of the afternoon the girls were exhausted but everyone who took part learned a lot about this most epic of feats and most importantly the value of teamwork.
Thanks go to the Design Department for creating another interactive and valuable educational event.
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