Bursaries are means tested and are awarded to those who require financial help and meet the school’s criteria. Talbot Heath actively seeks applications from those who would normally be unable to afford the full school fees.


Prospective parents who are applying for bursaries for their daughter are required to complete a bursary form and furnish us with proof of income and capital assets, before their application can be considered.

Bursaries are awarded by taking into account a girl’s performance in the entrance examination and subsequent assessments, as well as her current headteacher’s report and her parents’ financial circumstances.

Parents of current pupils may also apply for a bursary for their daughter if they experience financial difficulties. They must provide the same information as prospective parents. Bursaries are usually only awarded to present pupils whose school record deems them worthy to receive financial help. The school will always try to offer financial assistance to families of girls who have embarked on GCSE and A level courses.

Bursaries are made on the basis of need and to relieve hardship where the school considers that a pupil’s education and future prospects are at risk.

Bursaries are granted by the Awards Committee and are reviewed annually unless awarded at 14+ when they are awarded for two years.

In addition, the following bursaries are offered:


Discounted boarding fees are offered to girls whose parents are members of HM forces as evidenced by the Military ID card. 10% discount for one child, 15% for two and 20% for three or subsequent children.


The Governors may award one free place annually to a girl entering the school at 11+ who would have much to contribute to the school but whose parents need considerable financial help for her to attend Talbot Heath. This place is means-tested. It is expected that candidates who are awarded a Governors’ Free Place will play an active role in the school. Their contribution will be reviewed annually.