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Year 6 Visit to the Isle of Wight

School Trip

Year 6 visited Little Canada on the Isle of Wight between the 14th and 16th May 2014.

It was the hottest and sunniest week of the year so far and Year 6 were off on their multi activity adventure trip to the Isle of Wight! We travelled by coach to Lymington, where we had to load our cases on to a truck, then enjoyed snacks and drinks in the beautiful sunshine. 

We sat out on deck as we cruised over to Yarmouth, relaxing in the glorious sunshine. After unloading our cases, and a short coach ride, we arrived at our PGL centre, Little Canada, that was bathed in sunshine. Little Canada is an adventure centre set in woodlands on the banks of Wooton Creek. We were shown to our lovely, en-suite, log cabins by our 'groupie' Ricky. We quickly unpacked and settled down in the warm sunshine to our picnic lunches.


We all took part in amazing activities: rock climbing, trapeze in the tree tops, Jacobs ladder, fencing, archery, aero ball and survivor, where we built shelters and lit real fires with flint. 

All of this activity made us hungry and so we were glad to tuck into the delicious food in the enormous dining room. We were the last school to sit down, but quickly realised this was great as there were no restrictions on seconds! After the Generation Game, singing about bananas, and our "chill time," it was time to settle into our bunk beds, as the sun was setting, for our first night away.

We were all up early, eager for another fun and thrills packed day. The sun was shining brightly, and after a hearty breakfast and a song about bananas, we once again started our activities.

Mrs Pugh,Mrs Davies and Mrs Bridgland each led a group around, and even joined in aeroball, fencing and the banana song. They did keep well away from the water fights though! By now we were all getting nicely suntanned and for our evening event we walked to the nearby beach for a camp fire and toasted marshmallows. We also searched the beach for "Isle of Wight Blue," a rare turquoise stone found only on that beach. Apparently a ship had sunk in the Solent and it had been carrying pots made from this stone.

Friday dawned bright and sunny, our last day, and by now we didn't want to leave. We completed all the activities, sang lots of songs about bananas, had lunch and then cruised back across the Solent in the scorching sunshine. After receiving our awards, and an impromptu guide to the sights of Bournemouth from Mrs Pugh, we arrived back at TH, with lots of dirty washing...

We all had a fabulous time, and the teachers were very impressed that everyone had a go at everything. Many of us conquered fears and worries and had a lot of fun doing so.

Oh, and by the way, we sang about bananas and the weather was great too! Thanks go to the staff for their organisation and time.

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