Talbot Heath

Young Enterprise 2015


Starting the businesses

Six Lower 6 girls were members of two Young Enterprise companies this academic year. They were involved as directors and staff of their businesses from September 2014 with the aims of learning how to set up and run a successful business and creating an innovative product. The companies raised capital by selling shares and helped initial cash flow by buying and selling products while they were developing their own. They evolved their initial ideas using market research and prototypes.

The Companies and their Products

By the new year, the company Shahdi, which included Megan Thomas, Lucie Desouche, Anastasia Wills and Amy Smith, had created a ‘Festival Finder’ app which proved popular with its target audience, helping them to find out about festivals in the UK and offering other services such as travel and food information.

Lucy Gibson and Mimi Collins were directors of a rival company, Distinction, which developed and made ‘See Me Beanie’ reflective beanie hat with optional pompom. The unique selling point here was that the threads of reflective material in the hat are invisible in normal daylight but become highly visible at night when a light shines on it. The product is continuing to sell beyond their break even point and they hope to carry on making sales and possibly branch out their range of products. Visit their website.


In March 2015 both companies successfully competed in the East Dorset final, and progressed to the Dorset final in April where Shahdi won the prize for ‘best use of IT’ in a product and Distinction won ‘best innovative product’.


All the girls developed valuable skills and understanding regarding how a business works, and they took the opportunity to both learn and be creative. All the girls were outstanding in terms of their desire to do their best for their company, their ability to work with others and their organisation skills which were a significant contributing factor to the success of their businesses.

Congratulations to all of the girls who participated this year.

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