Talbot Heath

Cracking Code Breakers


Two teams from Talbot Heath entered this year’s Alan Turing Cryptography Competition which is run by the School of Mathematics at Manchester University and involves cracking a series of six very challenging codes released during January to March.

The teams had to solve the mystery of the Carbon Conundrum; who was trying to steal the quantum computer and why? Deciphering involved analysing mirror writing, colour-coded trails, hexagonal arrays, hand signals, letter frequency and substitutions, chemical symbols, co-ordinates and binary numbers.

993 teams from schools all over the country took part. Only 78 teams, working against the clock, solved all clues. These included our Talbot Heath teams: one team consisting of Nerissa Lee, Vinci Cheng, Jaime Ng and Hollie Chan successfully completed the challenge achieving an excellent 44thplace and the other team, consisting solely of Hannah Glatter, achieved an amazing 38th place. Very well done!

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