Talbot Heath

Dorset Architectural Heritage Week 2015

Heritage Week Anniversary

Talbot Heath school were delighted to receive over 200 visitors last weekend to visit the air-raid shelter which was opened for the Dorset Architectural Heritage Week 2015. Members of the local community (and further afield) came to the school to learn about the history of the bunkers which were built at the outbreak of the Second World War. At a time when the nation are thinking about the Battle of Britain due to the 75th anniversary, it was a timely reminder of how essential these shelters were, in providing places of safety for pupils and staff during Luftwaffe bombing raids. It is one of the four bunkers situated in the grounds, with each shelter measuring twenty metres long and two metres wide and high. They could shelter up to 125 pupils and staff at any one time; the school’s archives show that the ‘bunkers’ were used extensively, day and night, throughout the war. Many of the visitors were surprised by the comfortless and cold conditions that the girls would have endured, and many commented that it was a ‘fascinating and important part of the area’s history.’

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