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STOMP Workshop is a Hit

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'The Stomp workshop was fantastic, all the 'instruments' were very different to what we normally play and that made it even more exciting.’

Lower 4 were treated to an energising day of drumming, tapping and beating during a series of workshops led by former Stomp members Dave Gallagher and Nass Jackson. The Talbot Heath pupils were invited to be innovative and rhythmic using a range of unusual instruments ranging from plastic waste pipes and dustbin lids to plastic barrels and industrial engine pipes. Mixing clapping, spinning and energy the girls created their own mini performances. Dave and Nass both joined the internationally renowned stage show Stomp in 1997 and performed all over the world with the group for about 15 years. The workshops followed a year group visit to The Mayflower theatre in Southampton earlier in the week where the girls witnessed the electrifying production on stage: ‘My favourite part was the newspaper routine; the way they managed to turn an everyday activity into comedy with a rhythmic beat was amazing.' All of the participants enjoyed the workshop, inspired by the creativity and energy; they described it as ‘awesome’, ‘incredible and hilarious.’ Thanks go to the music department for organising the both the visit and the workshop.

‘Watching Stomp was a truly fantastic experience; the rhythm tapped into your toes and gave you something to smile about.'

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