Talbot Heath

Fundraising French Breakfast


A huge thank you to everyone who supported the “délicieux” French breakfast at school this week.  Holroyd Howe produced a wonderful spread of pastries and hot drinks, whilst pupils and staff were entertained by members of the Sixth Form singing French songs. 

Money raised will go towards the Run 4 Rwanda charity fund; Mme Klemz has a special update on the fundraising as follows:

'I cannot believe it has already been 3 weeks since our super team effort! I thought I would write to you first of all to congratulate every single one of you for your tremendous efforts in running and in fund-raising: the weekend could not have been more perfect as the weather was on our side and the 6 teams ran really well and with such enthusiasm. The night time 5 km race was a real hit, with torches and face paint! Please take a look at our little film and the photo gallery on our website and see if you can spot yourself!

'We had 232 runners who trained and ran for our partner school and the rest of the school community who supported us all by cheering on the day and donating. Thanks to this amazing team effort, we have reached our goal which was to raise £6,000 for College Saint-Emmanuel in Rwanda and the money is still coming in. This is all thanks to you and all your efforts so on behalf of the school, thank you so much. College Saint Emmanuel will now be able to start rebuilding their girls’ dormitory. I hope you will feel as uplifted as I am after this experience and the fact that some of you have now taken up running as a regular activity is an added bonus.

Some of us have already signed up for next year’s race and I really hope that you will have been inspired by this experience.  I look forward to our next team TH effort next year.

With very best wishes, Anne Klemz and Jo Brown'

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