Talbot Heath

Borneo Adventures


‘Our voluntary trip to Borneo with Camps International was the experience of a lifetime. The trip lasted for a month and we were challenged in ways we could not have imagined. During our time, we helped build a water feed project, toilet blocks, a community centre and an outdoor court, amongst many other projects to improve the quality of life of the vulnerable communities. There are too many amazing memories to mention, but to give you an idea of a few of them, we visited an orang-utan and sun bear sanctuary, went scuba diving on a tropical island and slept in hammocks we put up ourselves in the jungle. A highlight for all of us during the trip was spending time playing with the children and teaching English to both adults and children, which allowed us to form relationships with the locals which we will never forget. We are all so grateful to have had this opportunity and feel like the lessons we learnt will last a lifetime. It is safe to say that we would all love to go back to Borneo, but maybe not experience the bucket showers again!’

Thanks go to Mrs Luke and Miss Teuber for accompanying the girls on the trip.

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